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About Us

Eastleigh is an historical farm that was established in the early 1900's.  Current owner, Doug Stephan, is hoping to save the farm by thinking outside the box.  The 2017 season is the start of a new adventure for the farm, with new shops and family events being planned.  Doug's goal is to keep his property as farm land and not have it be sold to a housing developer like what has happened with so many other open spaces in Framingham. 

Arial view of the farm

Doug Stephan, Owner

Doug Stephan purchased the property in 2002 to spare it from being developed and to allow continuation of agriculture in Framingham. Doug was raised in the neighborhood of the farm and spent his childhood and adolescence working and enjoying the farm. Doug began the process of reconverting the facility back to a dairy farm and now the farm serves as an animal sanctuary and teaching facility.  

Owner, Doug Stephan

A Lifelong Broadcaster and Farmer

Doug Stephan is an American radio talk show personality and hosts the nationally syndicated Doug Stephan's Good Day and other shows for Radio America, see Doug Stephan is a lifelong broadcaster and a dedicated lifelong family farmer! Check out his program, The American Family Farmer at

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